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California Stucco Company Ltd, offers a wide range of services such as;

  • Exterior and Interior Stucco Finishes 
  • Specaility Finishes
  • Exterior Polystrene Mouldings 
  • Construction Management 

Stucco Finishes


Our range of products include Sto textured wall coatings that are used as a decorative and protective wall finish for the exterior of buildings 

StoCreativ Granite


 StoCreativ Granite is an interior and exterior wall finish, formulated for durability and low maintenance for new construction or renovation. It is trowel-applied and designed to give the look of cut or polished granite, but in a versatile, lightweight finish coating. 

StoCreativ Brick


 StoCreativ Brick is a decorative wall finish system that can be used over any Sto cladding and prepared exterior surface such as Continuous Insulation, Stucco to achieve the classic look of brick without the added expense or structural requirement of full brick venner. 



 StoTique provides a mottled, antiqued or old world type of appearance over Sto finishes. 

Polystyrene Mouldings

Exterior Mouldings

Customized Exterior Decorative Mouldings